Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Cristobal

We had a pretty nice overnight bus to San Cristobal in Chiapas. In the morning we rode through some incredible scenery--we climbed higher and higher among green mountains until we were looking down onto a bed of clouds from above. We slept pretty well but still managed to need a nap on our first day there. On this trip we tried to see and do as much as we could while still taking time to relax. San Cristobal is a colonial town with narrow, cobblestone streets. It's a bit touristy and quite a bit rainy, but nice nonetheless.

beautiful Lagos shoreline

Victoria Island Lagos

I was relocated here because of my job. Most African countries do not have the convenience of basic infrastructure like telephone, power and water supplies that we enjoyed elsewhere. Communication is very vital in Lagos as land line is virtually none existance in this country. Every fibre optic line that was laid, would have been dug out from the earth by the people the next day. In Lagos, the number of radio towers or radio masts per square kilometer is more than the number of lamp post you may find in Malaysia. Radio towers and huge satellite dishes are common sights on every roof top and premises.


Lagos, which is a half-hour away, is not only a historical and culturally rich town, but also has a large range of sights and activities for tourists - its ornate churches, original fortress relics, bars and restaurants, as well as a marina with an esplanade, cafes and shops. Exciting boat trips can be made from Lagos to surrounding waters for dolphin watching and grotto trips. Lagos is a truly charming tourist town where tourists cannot fail to be entertained.

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Finding a cheap flight to Africa

Finding a cheap flight to Africa from the UK is easy if you follow some basic rules. There aren't too many airlines servicing the continent, so flights book up really quickly. A decent airfare to most destinations in Africa, from the UK, should run about $1200-$1400. If you are traveling to Lagos or Accra, your fare should be between $800-$1000.
Here are a few tips to get a cheap flight to Africa and still find a seat:

Book in Advance
This is especially the case for African countries with small tourist industries...
Book your flight at least two months in advance especially if you are planning to travel around Christmas. Flights fill up very quickly because they are relatively limited compared to many other world destinations.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile

Thursday, November 6, 2008

lagos, pronounced “Lagoosh” is a part of the esteemed Portugal region of Algarve. Lagos beaches are some of the finest in the area and many travelers prefer staying along its coastline. Apart from its vibrant lifestyle Lagos used to be an important fishing village that flourished under Arab rule. It was the capital of the Algarve from 1576 to 1756 and was badly damaged by the earthquake in 1755 as were several other parts of the area. It has long since recovered and is now blanketed by an array of Lagos hotels.

Lagos Dona Ana beach

Lagos is without question the most interesting town on Portugal's Algarve coast, offering not only great beaches nearby but also a real history and a pretty town with varied and sophisticated bars and restaurants.
Lagos' convenient and well-protected river port was fought over by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors - who left their usual mark in the shape of massive town walls. Later Lagos became a base for the country's dramatic 'Age of Discoveries' naval world power era.
In 1444 Lagos was the site of the first sale of black slaves to Europeans and soon developed into a major slave trading port, growing in power and stature until the big quake of 1755 inflicted a crushing and permanent defeat on their military pretensions and barbaric trade.